Friday, November 28, 2008

My Last Day

27 Nov 2008 - merupakan hari terakhir msCruZee keje kat Bank. Simen kaki dah buka and msCruZee dah boleh jalan, cuma perlu lebih hati2 sbb masih terasa sengal. Lepas submitted my medical claims msCruZee temankan Shah buat air kat pantry. We talked.

Rasa terharu bila Shah buatkan msCruZee air teh. Masa tak banyak sbb msCruZee tak datang sendiri memandangkan blom confident nak drive + kereta tak leh start (battery week pulak!). So, sempat borak2 dengan Shah, Ifa, Ranjani, Kak Siti, Yen Leng, Liza, Henni, Syaf, Joey, Thariq and a few staff yang msCruZee tak ingat nama dia....eheheh (still considered new kat sana.....lom kenal semua orang!). 

Then suddenly, my team gathered bagi gifts --- a shawl, flowers, farewell card and jam meja! Ini yang buat lemah ni --- msCruZee tak suka surprises! So, mmg control muke jangan tunjuk any reactions yang tak sepatutnya. But somehow, after diorg paksa nangis, msCruZee pon TER-nangis (konon!) --- ha ha ha!

Anyway, thanks a lot guys! For everything --- halalkan makan minum, bergossip, terngumpat bla bla bla.

So, celebrating my last day kat HLB dengan Faidz pulak, kitorang makan McD. Tengah tunggu order, sempat pulak usha cekak rambut lion yang budak laki tu pakai. msCruZee tak sure McD tengah buat promotion pasal apa --- ada cekak lion & rabbit --- so, saja cakap dengan Faidz --- boleh tak mintak kat budak tu cekak rambut tu? And of course, Faidz buat donno je.

Pastu bile budak tu nak hantar order, tiba2 pulak dia tergelicik kat main entrance. msCruZee ngan Faidz --- as usual --- tak nak malukan budak tu, terus paling pandang tempat lain, buat2 macam tak nampak. Tapi SERIOUSLY kelakar gila! Kitorang tahan ketawa sampai sakit perut. Budak yang jatuh tadi terus lari masuk dalam, tak perasan cekak rambut lion yang dia pakai terjatuh tengah jalan and hampir2 kena gelek ngan tayar kereta yang lalu-lalang. Budak McD tu pulak tak keluar2. Lama jugak kitorang tunggu. And perkara yang msCruZee paling tak sangka --- bila Faidz keluar kereta and kutip cekak rambut tu! 

Ahahah --- itu dikira mencuri ke? Tapi it was really FUN! Kepada adik yang terjatuh depan McD, akak minta maaf ye! Kitorang cuma nak selamatkan cekak rambut tu dari kene gelek! 

Photos: Cekak lion McD & flowers.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terima Kasih Ek!

Kat sini msCruZee nak ucapkan terima kasih banyak2 pada frens yang caring dan concern. Ramai yang antar sms, ada yang emailed --- and ramai yang called untuk tanya khabar. Maklumlah, dah sebulan lebih msCruZee dok kat umah berlabon depan pc. Tiap-tiap hari layan internet, novel2 yang tak pernah sentuh, and main nintendo. Tapi rezeki ALLAH SWT bagi, msCruZee hargai je laa......bila lagi nak cuti panjang macam ni?

Tak banyak yang msCruZee boleh buat dengan sebelah kaki patah! Shopping tak boleh, hang-out umah kawan pon tak boleh. Duduk je laa kat dalam bilik, buat apa yang patut. (msCruZee pernah dengar --- tidur itu merupakan satu ibadah! ahahah)

Pada ramai yang bertanya soalan --- alhamdulillah, msCruZee dah boleh berjalan. Cuma sengal-sengal sikit bila pijak. Tapi insyaALLAH, lepas ni msCruZee akan hargai semua anggota badan dengan sebaik mungkin. Kalau orang ajak main futsal, msCruZee tetap akan pergi --- tapi duduk kat luar court je laa. Senyum sambil cuci mata. least sampai msCruZee bebetul confident kaki ni dah ok!

Pada member2 HLB -- will see u guys later! Jangan risau, msCruZee jenis orang yang tak lupa kawan! Thanks for all ur support. 1st Dec 08 ni, msCruZee akan jadi warga EPF lak secara rasmi. Y'all have my number -- keep in touch, ok!

Photos: Tongkat sakti kesayangan msCruZee (bye2), x-ray image & kaki gajahku.


Watched: The House Bunny 2008

Just finished watching this one! I always love Anna Faris. Hillarious! Great movie!! Thank you to Spliterz for the great share!  If you like watching Hot Chick or The Sorority Boys -- then, this is your movie for today!

Rating: ** 7.2/10 **

The Day When Everything Went Wrong

Today is the DAY. I couldn't start my car, Maxis charged my broadband a/c wrongly, couldn't get my Astro channels (poor reception), and my STUPID TM STREAMYX problem!

Well, it made me think for a while --- was I chosen for all of these? The Chosen One -- really? Why???

How they started? Ergghh....some of the probs have been dragging for quite sometime now. As for my car problem, I woke up this morning and knew I have to check my car. During my 1 and 1/2 month of MC period (due to fractured foot), I didn't touch my Red Will (my Iswara car) at all! Dont blame me.....ahahah at least for now as I've had enough for today! (Coz I sure know, it's my own fault!) Luckily I still have Uncle Ju's phone number. His wife promised, he will come to check my car this evening.

About my Astro problem --- haven't watched Astro for 2 months already. I've got the movies and TV Series I wanted from the Internet (thank u for that, frens!). So couldn't be bother to call anyone to repair it. ** Here, I procastinated.

And my Maxis problem --- I've been charged wrongly by Maxis for 3 mths. According to the Maxis agent (where I bought the portable modem), as a post-paid user, I'll enjoy a special rate -- RM118 /mth. Never mentioned anything about calling the Centre to register. But having looked at my 3rd online statement, it showed differently -- way too different! After 3 mths of procastination, I called Maxis today to report. Of course they were not able to refund the excess payment!

Lastly -- my TM Streamyx problem which started since Mar'08. I registered my Streamyx a/c at Low Yatt Plaza. The retailer taught me how to install, told me that he couldn't do/show it there due to busy network. But, after I installed everything at home, the modem didn't stop blinking. Already made a few calls and followed the instructions given by TM but nothing changed. So after 2 months of calling and cursing, I GAVE UP. No service but I received the bills monthly w/out failure. Have also reported twice to TM (but no one could trace the reports. Hmm...I wonder how they did their job!). Already went to Rawang TM Point to solve it -- but again STILL NO SOLUTION given. I had to pay the 12 mths bill (as per contract) to terminate it eventho' I never received the service. Yeah, it was all about the stupid contract! This morning, a lady called to follow up. Hell, no! Of course I will not pay a single sen. I told her, no service no money! So she promised to refer to her Manager and technician and keep me updated.

At 6.45pm today -- Astro and car problems solved! Didn't expect the Astro guys will come today! Thanks to Uncle Ju and BIG thanks to Mr Lee and Mr Chin. It was a long story to tell but these people helped a lot! 
MORAL for today: DO NOT PROCASTINATE! (and keep your room clean & tidy! aahahah! No joke!)

Watched: Hairspray 2007

An entertaining musical movie --- two thumbs up for John Travolta! I kinda like it! Nikki Blonsky (Tracy Turnblad)  --- she can REALLY dance! Thanks to Big Rick (yes, you're the man!) for sharing this great movie! 

Rating: ** 7.5/10 **

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dancing with the Stars -- Wii (dancing with my bro)

msCruZee just bought a Nintendo Wii 2 days ago (yeah, on my bro's b'day - 22/11/08! ahahah --- that's how I celebrate other people's b'day!) And u know what, this is the BESTEST game I've ever played! Seriously!!! 

On the 1st day, my bro & I played Dancing with the Stars We Dance! It was FUN (trust me).....I never believed Uje can dance -- really dance -- very well, as he scored the most. Love watching him dancing "Bootylicious" - ha ha ha. VERRRYYY FUNNY! Should have posted his video in You Tube!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Poster: Brotherly Love

Lemme introduce you to my BELOVED KIDS (yeah, how i wish!) --- ehehee neighbours actually. Hakimi & Wafi. They are very photogenic, right? Couldnt believe myself, they can pose like that for me. And the mother in this poster is SITI NURHALIZA (who could've guessed? ehehe). FYI, msCruZee is one of Siti's Fan -- I love her for her Voice!

Happy Birthday, Uje! 25 this year? Really???

You are my only brother. Of course I love u SO MUCH. It's just that --- people don't really say the 'word' out loud easily. But trust me --- u are the best, caring, responsible, lovable, huggable, annoying (err...sometimes or maybe most of the.....better stop here!) and handsome little brother I've ever had. For that, I thank ALLAH SWT, for giving me "US"! Happy birthday, Je!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Company A atau Company B?

Ini yang buat msCruZee pening. Tadi borak ngan Dino kat telefon, buatkan kepala msCruZee ligat berfikir. msCruZee dah buat decision tapi I started to doubt...

1) Company A -- an established company, good frens, kamceng dengan management, already knew the job scope. But HATE the industry! I'm done with BANKING!

2) Company B -- IT line, higher salary & position. Totally new place, new environment and new frens! I can start from the scratch here!

The problem is, working with Company A buat msCruZee slalu makan hati. 1st, the salary is not enuff -- well, I'm a very expensive person! Ahahah ---- 2nd, the job scope, yang relates dengan customers buatkan msCruZee sakit jiwa. Ada daily input, daily customers to deal with (not that I'm complaining) but apa yang msCruZee terima bulan2 macam tak worth it. Actually sebelum keje ngan Company A, msCruZee dah ada experience keje ngan Company "Sebelum A", same industry gak and sama cerita (except that they're paying more than Company A). Apa yg msCruZee nak cuma satu kerja yang msCruZee boleh buat willingly and on the same time BE HAPPY! Salary tu jatuh ke 2nd place. Bukan kerja yang kene hadap everyday, sampai nak ke toilet pun bertangguh. Sembahyang --- jangan cakapla. Selalu last minute! Sometimes, kalau ada masa, baru pergi. Kalau tak sempat, duduk je la buat kerja dari 8.45am sampai ke 9.00pm. 

Since kerja dengan Company "Sebelum A"....msCruZee dah well-trained jadik seorang worker yang hipokrit. That is the "ONE" thing yang msCruZee bebetul benci pada diri sendiri. Having a good r/ship with everyone betul2 buatkan msCruZee berada dalam keadaan yang selamat kat office. This is what I've learnt tru' experience. But THIS IS NOT ME....or at least, WASN'T me! Experience gained from Company A dan Company "Selebum A" ajar msCruZee tentang hakikat hidup. Untuk disukai ramai, u have to agree with everything --- including no PUBLIC HOLS (x de cuti Raya), working on Saturdays, hari2 balik lewat malam (xde OT) and lame jokes from the Management Team (if I started to protest on something) -- such as, no BONUS for you this year! or --- Kalau tak belanja, I'll change your appraisal points! But what about the fact that I'm working extremely HARD sampai tak hirau masa balik rumah atau cuti? Mana ada orang pandang? 

Frankly speaking, msCruZee bebetul respect member2 yang berani in making decisions. Macam Anny, Daybab ngan Sha. Bila tak suka, terus resigned 24 jam notis. How I wish I could do that! msCruZee bagi tabik spring kat diorang =P.

It has been about 8 years now. Apa yang selalu msCruZee dengar dari ex-schoolmates semua sama --- how I've changed. msCruZee was not an obedient student at school. Apa yang orang kata tak boleh, itu laa yang akan msCruZee buat. Nama dalam Prefect Book, tak payah cakap laa berapa banyak. But what have happened to me now? Kene cursed ke?

Jalan keluar yang msCruZee ambil ialah mencari kerja lain. Alhamdulillah, opportunity datang bila Company B called utk panggil interview. Bulan Dec 08 ni, msCruZee dah kena lapor diri. The thing is, bila Company A dapat tahu, the Managers terus called tanya reason msCruZee resigned. And bende yang paling tak disangka, they promised :

1) Higher Salary (lebih tinggi daripada Company B)
2) Higher Position
3) GOOD Bonus for 2008 (3 mths back, bila msCruZee tanya x de seorang pon yang berani guarantee samada I'm entitled to get bonus atau pun tak, considering baru kerja 6 bulan. Siap cakap, "Don't expect much. Nanti u sedih pulak!"). 

Manager sendiri called and bagitahu Head of Department ada kat sebelah, waiting for my decision. And 10 minutes after that, called balik untuk bagitahu BIG BOSS pun dah agreed. What the heck? Why now? Kalau betul diorg appreciate / value me as a good worker, why now? Tapi, secara jujurnya, msCruZee mula hesitate dgn decision utk resign sbb dah mula rasa sayang + kasihan + loyal --- bila orang pujuk camtu. Ini buatkan msCruZee susah buat keputusan. Bak kata Company A, there's still time!

So, Company A atau Company B? 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Watched: August Rush (2007)

For those who love music + family + a fairy tale story + love --- this is the exact movie for you! Memang plot cerita tak berapa logik but msCruZee still loves the music and enjoys watching it. It's a family movie, what d'you expect?

Bagi msCruZee, ini dah listed as one of my fav! Trust me, rasa macam nak terbang dengar composition lagu dalam movie ni.

He's in a band, She's a cellist....and the son is a natural musician. They are all searching for each other until one night they meet in a Julliard Concert. 
~They follow the music ~

Cast: Freddie Highmore, Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Keri Russell.

Rating: ** 8.2/10 **

Watched: The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperror

Movie ni hampir2 sama dengan semua The Mummy punya series, except ada Jet Li. Ehehe....msCruZee  cuma tak puas nengok muka Jet Li, banyak pulak yg diorg guna CGI utk watak Jet Li tu.

Hmm....okay-okay saja!

Rating: ** 5.5/10 **

Another Cinderella Story 2008

Yup, this is Another Cinderella Story. Baru saja released dd 040908. Apa yang msCruZee nak komen pasal cerita ni?......Ha Ha Ha. msCruZee suka dengan choreography, ada style2 latino sket -- especially the 'hat-step'! But msCruZee prefers A Cinderella Story lakonan Hillary Duff dengan Chad MM. Maybe version yang Selena Gomez ni lebih sesuai untuk kanak-kanak junior high kot. 

Dalam banyak2 characters, msCruZee paling tak tahan watak Dominique (Jane Lynch). Gelak besar tuh! Adoiii....

Sesiapa yang ada kanak-kanak belasan tahun, atau mencari cerita yang ringan untuk ditonton, msCruZee recommend this film! Anda akan terhibur dengan dance + music dalam cerita ni.

Memandangkan msCruZee memang layan cerita2 macam ni, takde hal sangatla dengan watak2 bodoh the step-sisters tuh.

Rating: ** 6.0/10 **

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mommy Style: Miss Perfect

You are GOOD! Your kids always look perfectly clean, pressed and matched. You are great at managing the formidable work/life balance. You put nutrionists to shame with your meal plan. Keep up the good work sister, we all want to be more like you!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pembelian di Ebay

Hari ni merupakan hari-ini-dalam-sejarah msCruZee membuat pembelian online kat ebay.

Pembelian di Ebay - Can it be trusted? Mari Kita Lihat!

Hari ni merupakan hari-ini-dalam-sejarah msCruZee membuat pembelian online kat ebay.Saja nak uji tahap mana kecanggihan ebay. Kalau MPH and Kinokuniya tu, tak payah cakaplaa. msCruZee memang dah cuba. Boleh tabik jugak dengan service yang diorang provide. Sebab tak berapa percaya dengan ebay Malaysia, msCruZee saja test beli buku cerita Carolina Isle by Deveraux yang berharga RM15.00. Kira jimatla kalau dibandingkan dengan harga buku baru yang melebihi dua kali ganda. Dok tunggu si seller bagi payment details, tak dapat2. So, memandangkan hari ni hari ke-3 selepas pembelian, msCruZee pon terpaksalaa menghantar message kat seller. 

Dey, where's the payment details?! Nak orang beli ke tak nak? Apa daaa....

Of course, msCruZee takkan menaip macam tu --- mustilah guna bahasa lembut sikit! Ahahah....poyo! Penat je belajar tatacara lemah-lembut dlm bahasa surat semasa buat transaksi di CIMB & HLB! Rimau masuk kandang kambing,, betul ke peribahasa tu? Lol. Lepas dah hantar, msCruZee bukan main mengutuk si encik seller atas kecuaian....manalah tahu, rupa2nya msCruZee yang tak perasan! Terang2 ada bagi payment details orang tu! Terpaksalah antar message sekali lagi, "kindly ignore the earlier msg, tq." Hampeh!



Sad soul, take comfort nor forget,

The sunrise never failed us yet.

                                           ~ by Celia Laighton Thaxter


Tiada Dikau Tiada Makna by Siti Sarah

Oooo....msCruZee tersangat suke dengan lagu ini. Dengar petang2, buatkan msCruZee terasa nak menangis pulak. Ini lagu sangat best -- pandai si Siti Sarah ni main tarik2 suara. Nanti msCruZee gi Redbox, kena cari lagu ni utk disumbangkan. Eheheh....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Watched: Mamma Mia 2008

This is another movie yang msCruZee watched today. msCruZee punya comment about this one: To those who love ABBA, this is your movie! msCruZee enjoy and kagum dengan pelakon2 omputih ni yang masih boleh bergelek walaupun masing2 dah berumur . Boleh bagi credit kat depa!

Bagi msCruZee -- biasa2 aje, sebab msCruZee kurang minat musical movie macam  ni. Tapi kalau pelakon2 nya muda sket, mungkin msCruZee akan suke kot. Lol. Tapi dari segi kualitinya, memang tak dapat dinafikan! Sesuai ditonton seisi keluarga, atau pun untuk insan2 yang tengah banyak problem. 

Rating: ** 6.5/10 **

Watched: The Other Boleyn Girl 2008

Owh, ermm....err....msCruZee terlalu taksub dengan kemachoan Eric Bana dalam cerita ni hingga tak terkata apa. Dengan costume yang dipakai throughout the movie, msCruZee terbayang hero-hero dalam novel2 yang msCruZee baca dedulu. Tall, broad-shouldered -- perghh! BUT (Capital letter) --- lakonan Scarlett Johansson & Natalie Portman mmg best!

The Other Boleyn Girl is about 2 sisters yang berebutkan cinta King Henry Tudor. Anne & Mary - Both ada different characters, Anne (Portman) yang very ambitious & Mary yang lemah-lebut (Johansson). Boleyn family ni mmg prepare anak2 pompuan diorang dengan 'sufficient knowlegde' untuk pikat King Henry. 1st diorg set the elder daughter, Anne but then plan tak menjadi, so they prepared Mary (yg pada masa tu sudah pun berkahwin). King Henry yang mmg kaki perempuan terus terpikat and jadikan Mary mistress dia. Cerita ni keseluruhannya pasal 2 orang mistress. Lepas Mary 'masuk' istana, Anne jealous and buat rancangan (baik punya!) untuk rebut King Henry. Her mission is only one : Not for the love, but for the crown! Walaupun msCruZee dah tahu apa kesudahan cerita ni -- dalam sejarah la kan --- tapi msCruZee tetap terhibur dengan lakonan diorang ni. Kira berjayalaa membawa msCruZee ke zaman lama.

Bagi msCruZee, menonton cerita ni buatkan msCruZee fikir banyak kali untuk kahwin dengan mana2 pewaris takhta. LoL. Pressure sungguh tengok perempuan-perempuan dalam istana ni bersungguh2 dapatkan anak lelaki.

Eric Bana -- msCruZee tak pernah minat pon selama ni, tetibe je sibuk mencari balik movie2 yang dia pernah berlakon. Ahahaha.....adoiii! Sekarang tengah donwload Hulk, semata-mata nak tgk Eric Bana. Haa....tengokla poster bawah ni. Bukti kemachoan Eric Bana --- ahahahah! Rasanya dia memang lebih sesuai untuk bawa watak-watak hero zaman lama. 

FYI, msCruZee dah converted movie ni dalam format .mp4 dan simpan dalam handphone utk layan bebile masa. =p

Rating: ** 6.8/10 **

Sunday, November 9, 2008

msCruZee is a PIG?

This is very embarassing yet soooo funny. Yes, msCruZee is a PIG! That's what you get if you are totally into this quiz thing. You answered a few questions and later, ended up with result saying that you're a PIG! Great! Oh yeah...

You may take this simple test @

You Are a Pig

You are very intelligent, and you enjoy being around people. You can trust others easily. You have great reasoning skills, and you are quick learner. You are able to adapt to most situations.

You tend to be very territorial and picky. You don't like people messing with your stuff. You have keen senses and reflexes. You can defend yourself well and quickly sense danger.

Pangkor Trip : HLB Teambuilding 2008

msCruZee baru saja saved pics ni tadi dari pc office. Still remember the craziness and all the FUN we've shared together during the trip - 11th October 2008. Okay, sorry -- to be honest, takla seFUN mana -- ahahah. Saja menghipokritkan diri plak tadi. But fun in a weird way. Penat, yes!

Location: Pangkor Island Beach Resort

Pemandangan dari dalam bilik.....seriously cantik!

~ This is where we stayed ~ Garden View

Departure Time @ midnight: Lama gila tunggu bas sampai!

Me & my Fulfillment Team @ Jeti Lumut

Breathtaking Scenery -- on the way to Pangkor

Playing Giant Slipper: from left -- Wani, Henni, Syaf & Liza (having a great time)

Donno why, of all the pics this is msCruZee's favourite! Kesian tgk bebudak ni tidor. LOL.

Will miss them? Ehmm....won't deny that. It's part of msCruZee's phase in LIFE. Especially to Ifa (Nik Atifah), Shah (Shahroriza), Ran (Ranjani), Kak CT (Siti Nafsiah) & my AM Noorliza. Terima kasih banyak-banyak! Au-revoir HLB!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reading: The Trauma of Infidelity written by Dino Effendy

msCruZee terbaca posting yang Dino tulis kat Bulletin Board Friendster.  And msCruzee quotes:

There is no escaping it - finding out that your wife or girlfriend has cheated on you is not only shocking but incredibly painful. Even if your relationship has been admittedly troubled, it's still a devastating blow to discover that your spouse has been unfaithful to you.
No doubt, it's infuriating to find out that all the time you spent trying to make your relationship work... it didn't mean a thing because your wife was involved with someone else. And perhaps you were wondering, "what is wrong?" or "could I be doing more?" Perhaps you even blamed yourself for all of the relationship's failings.
If you are like most men, you probably weren't able to bring yourself to consider that, "maybe there was someone else!" However, now that you are faced with the proof of an extramarital affair, you can no longer deny or ignore the painful truth that your husband has been unfaithful to you.
Right now, you may feel that the only choice you have is between accepting things the way they are or ending it once and for all. You are not alone in your feelings because there are thousands of men just like you - whose relationships have been impacted by infidelity - who are in the exact same spot as you right now. Afterall, it's hard to feel good about yourself when you've been dealt such a terrible blow. It's difficult to make important decisions when you are emotionally distraught and unclear about what happened or what to do.

This posting buatkan curiousity msCruZee makin melonjak2. Is this just another 'normal article' you wrote? Or, it still means SOMETHING to you? Dude, you should get over it!

Mee Maggi Cepat Dimasak, Sedap Dimakan!

Semalam, bangun pagi msCruZee terus jenguk ibu kat dapur yang tengah buat acuan untuk buat rempeyek. msCruZee bodek punya bodek, ibu pon masakkan Mee Maggi Kari. Walaupun hanya Mee Maggi, rasanya tetap sedap giler! The look, of course akan nampak sama dengan maggi2 yang lain. Air tangan ibu --- mmg superb!

This Girl -- msLavigne

Suddenly msCruZee saw her cool animated pic in one of msCruZee's fav site. And msCruZee couldnt stop laughing. Who could have thought that -- of all the beLoVed artists -- msLavigne is the LUCKY ONE? (yeah, besides Sheilaon7) -- FYI, msCruZee is not the "concert" type. msCruZee pergi dengan office mate -- Shahroriza ke concert Avril Lavigne on 290808 @ 8.00pm kat Stadium Merdeka.

And we didnt plan at ALL! We were both dressed formally (office wear) and lepas habis kerja, terus rushing ke Stadium Merdeka. The best thing was -- both of us didnt know the place. Yup, sama-sama jenis buta direction. But we managed sampai. :)

Shah got herself a discounted ticket. So, we bought another one. Sharelah, apa lagi! The 2nd best part happened when it started raining. Great kan? msCruZee & Shah duduk kat Zon Orange, kira dekat laa dengan stage. Dapat pula duduk belakang one nice Chinese guy yang datang dengan his children. Dia bagi msCruZee & Shah Hotlink stuff untuk cheering. Baru gempak dok gendang-gendang macam kanak-kanak ribena! Semua kena pakai baju hujan plastic yang organizer sediakan. Again, lucky for us....takde la nampak poyo dengan pakaian kerja! Keseluruhannya, concert Avril kire syok jugak! Nak bagi rating? Ehm....

Rating: ** 6/10 **

Watched: Eagle Eye (2008)

msCruZee loves the tagline: "If you want to live, you will obey!" 

msCruZee watched this few weeks ago with Kak Azlina -- and didnt expect too much from this movie at first. To tell you the truth, msCruZee is not a big fan of LaBeouf. But surprisingly, after finished watching, msCruZee kinda like it!

LaBeouf deserves a credit for this one. 

This movie is about Jerry & Rachel -- two strangers who thrown together by this mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. This woman threatens their lives & family and forced both of them into a series of increasingly dangerous situations using the hi-tech of daily life to track and control them.

You'll love this if you love Enemy of the States, Speed & The Matrix.

Rating: ** 6.5/10 **

Friday, November 7, 2008

Watched: Make It Happen (2008)

Have just watched this one! It's about this girl named Lauryn, from a small town (Indiana) who moves to Chicago and dreams to enter the Chicago School of Music & Dance. She was rejected at her 1st audition and worked in a burlesque club -- hmm...this reminds me of Coyote Ugly! 

The ending --- msCruZee could never guess! Eheheh....Maybe you can watch Coyote Ugly or Save the Last Dance to know it! Verrryyy typical ~

But truthfully msCruZee enjoy watching the dance steps and the soundtrack. If you like watching Save the Last Dance, Coyote Ugly & Step Up --- you will like this too!

Rating: ** 5/10 **

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Watched: The Chronicles Of Narnia - Prince Caspian (2008)

Okay, msCruZee baru saja habis tengok cerita ni. Apa yang msCruZee boleh komen ialah --- this movie is BETTER than the 1st! Well, selalunya movies yang ada sequels ni, gempak kat 1st je. But this time, it's different. Very different! ~~ or maybe sebab si Prince Caspian tu ada? (Ermm....msCruZee kurang pasti.)

Bile msCruZee made a few calls, tanya pendapat kawan2 tentang cerita ni, ramai yang belum menonton. Reaksi diorang sume sama --- "Itu bukan cerita kanak-kanak ke?"

The truth is, msCruZee LOVES watching movies and msCruZee doesn't really care, cerita tu untuk kanak-kanak ke, orang dewasa ke, cerita pasal animals long as the movie plot is ok --- ditambah pula dengan character yang macam Prince Caspian (walaupun dari segi umur, sudah tentunya msCruZee dah berpangkat kakak --- huhuhu) ---- then, i guess there's nothing wrong to watch!

Dibandingkan yang 1st dengan 2nd, msCruZee mmg prefers yang 2nd. 

10 Things I Love about This Movie:
1) CGI yang menarik 
2) ada Prince Caspian yang kacak
3) ada scenes kelakar, especially time kucing kena ikat dengan tikus!
4) Aslan semakin macho -- seriously! (Suara Aslan pun macho!)
5) ada adegan, pandang-memandang antara Queen Susan and Prince Caspian (auww...maluuu!)
6) Queen Lucy yang semakin comel
7) soundtrack yang best (especially lagu The Call --- pada ending cerita)
8) friendship btw Queen Lucy and DLF -- very sweet.
9) The sceneries. Cantik gila!
10) .....and the last one.....again, bcos of Prince Caspian! Ahahaha....

Okay, banyak lagi movies msCruZee nak cover malam ni. Baru habis download movies Make It Happen (entertaining) & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (yang ini mungkin kena tengok for the 2nd time -- msCruZee tak berapa paham!). Adios....xoxo!

Oh ya! Rating untuk movie ini : ** 6.5 / 10 ** . To those who love Harry Potter, LOTR -- maybe you can try watching this one!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Drawings (Flowers)

Okay, 2 more drawings from msCruZee's collection. Simpan dah bertahun-tahun. Paper pon dah naik kuning. For this one (both), I rate --> ** 5/10 **. Not bad, huh....ehehehe....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

my Lara Croft - Tak Jadi

msCruZee mmg suke drawing. Cuma hasilnya antara jadi atau tak je. Ni antara hasil artwork msCruZee yang terawal. Masa tu orang sibuk ngan cerita Tomb Rider, msCruZee saja nak test power. Bole kata vote utk lukisan ni msCruZee letak ** 4/10 **. 

Listening to "What About Now" by Daughtry

Frankly speaking msCruZee mmg jiwang -- but SOMETIMES (konon je laa..)! It depends on the whether actually -- and of course, kena tengok suhu sekeliling. To be specific, for example like NOW (duduk diam-diam dalam bilik berair-cond sambil tahan mata, jangan bagi ngantuk) -- msCruZee tengah layan lagu Daughtry - What About Now.  

To be honest, msCruZee suke gile dgn lagu-lagu cenggini. Tambah pulak yang menyanyi-nye mmg spesis lelaki bersuara macho macam Chris Daughtry, tak bole nak deny kesedapan lagu. But to understand the lyric, msCruZee mmg kena baca lirik diam-diam dulu. Orang len takleh kaco. Dengan usia yg makin meningkat, pale msCruZee cume bole membaca tanpa gangguan. And yes, msCruZee really meant it!  

Lyric: What About Now – Daughtry