Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Day When Everything Went Wrong

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Today is the DAY. I couldn't start my car, Maxis charged my broadband a/c wrongly, couldn't get my Astro channels (poor reception), and my STUPID TM STREAMYX problem!

Well, it made me think for a while --- was I chosen for all of these? The Chosen One -- really? Why???

How they started? Ergghh....some of the probs have been dragging for quite sometime now. As for my car problem, I woke up this morning and knew I have to check my car. During my 1 and 1/2 month of MC period (due to fractured foot), I didn't touch my Red Will (my Iswara car) at all! Dont blame me.....ahahah at least for now as I've had enough for today! (Coz I sure know, it's my own fault!) Luckily I still have Uncle Ju's phone number. His wife promised, he will come to check my car this evening.

About my Astro problem --- haven't watched Astro for 2 months already. I've got the movies and TV Series I wanted from the Internet (thank u for that, frens!). So couldn't be bother to call anyone to repair it. ** Here, I procastinated.

And my Maxis problem --- I've been charged wrongly by Maxis for 3 mths. According to the Maxis agent (where I bought the portable modem), as a post-paid user, I'll enjoy a special rate -- RM118 /mth. Never mentioned anything about calling the Centre to register. But having looked at my 3rd online statement, it showed differently -- way too different! After 3 mths of procastination, I called Maxis today to report. Of course they were not able to refund the excess payment!

Lastly -- my TM Streamyx problem which started since Mar'08. I registered my Streamyx a/c at Low Yatt Plaza. The retailer taught me how to install, told me that he couldn't do/show it there due to busy network. But, after I installed everything at home, the modem didn't stop blinking. Already made a few calls and followed the instructions given by TM but nothing changed. So after 2 months of calling and cursing, I GAVE UP. No service but I received the bills monthly w/out failure. Have also reported twice to TM (but no one could trace the reports. Hmm...I wonder how they did their job!). Already went to Rawang TM Point to solve it -- but again STILL NO SOLUTION given. I had to pay the 12 mths bill (as per contract) to terminate it eventho' I never received the service. Yeah, it was all about the stupid contract! This morning, a lady called to follow up. Hell, no! Of course I will not pay a single sen. I told her, no service no money! So she promised to refer to her Manager and technician and keep me updated.

At 6.45pm today -- Astro and car problems solved! Didn't expect the Astro guys will come today! Thanks to Uncle Ju and BIG thanks to Mr Lee and Mr Chin. It was a long story to tell but these people helped a lot! 
MORAL for today: DO NOT PROCASTINATE! (and keep your room clean & tidy! aahahah! No joke!)

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