Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reading: The Trauma of Infidelity written by Dino Effendy

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msCruZee terbaca posting yang Dino tulis kat Bulletin Board Friendster.  And msCruzee quotes:

There is no escaping it - finding out that your wife or girlfriend has cheated on you is not only shocking but incredibly painful. Even if your relationship has been admittedly troubled, it's still a devastating blow to discover that your spouse has been unfaithful to you.
No doubt, it's infuriating to find out that all the time you spent trying to make your relationship work... it didn't mean a thing because your wife was involved with someone else. And perhaps you were wondering, "what is wrong?" or "could I be doing more?" Perhaps you even blamed yourself for all of the relationship's failings.
If you are like most men, you probably weren't able to bring yourself to consider that, "maybe there was someone else!" However, now that you are faced with the proof of an extramarital affair, you can no longer deny or ignore the painful truth that your husband has been unfaithful to you.
Right now, you may feel that the only choice you have is between accepting things the way they are or ending it once and for all. You are not alone in your feelings because there are thousands of men just like you - whose relationships have been impacted by infidelity - who are in the exact same spot as you right now. Afterall, it's hard to feel good about yourself when you've been dealt such a terrible blow. It's difficult to make important decisions when you are emotionally distraught and unclear about what happened or what to do.

This posting buatkan curiousity msCruZee makin melonjak2. Is this just another 'normal article' you wrote? Or, it still means SOMETHING to you? Dude, you should get over it!

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