Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Uje! 25 this year? Really???

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You are my only brother. Of course I love u SO MUCH. It's just that --- people don't really say the 'word' out loud easily. But trust me --- u are the best, caring, responsible, lovable, huggable, annoying (err...sometimes or maybe most of the.....better stop here!) and handsome little brother I've ever had. For that, I thank ALLAH SWT, for giving me "US"! Happy birthday, Je!


Ismail N said...

Happy Birthday to your brother. Wishing him a Happy Birthday and many more to come.

Nadine Zuharra said...

happy besday to Uje..moga dipanjangkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki..

Rena^CRuZee said...

ismail, nadine -- thx! so sweet =)