Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dancing with the Stars -- Wii (dancing with my bro)

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msCruZee just bought a Nintendo Wii 2 days ago (yeah, on my bro's b'day - 22/11/08! ahahah --- that's how I celebrate other people's b'day!) And u know what, this is the BESTEST game I've ever played! Seriously!!! 

On the 1st day, my bro & I played Dancing with the Stars We Dance! It was FUN (trust me).....I never believed Uje can dance -- really dance -- very well, as he scored the most. Love watching him dancing "Bootylicious" - ha ha ha. VERRRYYY FUNNY! Should have posted his video in You Tube!


DayBab said...

yeah... its really fun!! kalau kaki tu bengkak balik, gi mana???

Rena^CRuZee said...

daybab...u r the sweetest person tau! muaaahhh! thx for ur concern. harap2 taklaa bengkak balik. nak masuk keje baru ni.

Nadine Zuharra said...

best gak dancing2 nih..aku pon kadang2 suke nari sorang2 lam bilik sambil layan lagu..yela,sbg ganti exercise..heheh..