Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am now ON Twitter!

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Hey aLL! msCruZee dah lama tak update blog. nak kata mengalami writer's block, tak jugak! Terlalu banyak bende going on lately. Nak ambil kesempatan to say "HI" to my frens yang dah lama tak bertegur sapa virtually on the NET --- DayBab, Sha, eMBe, Foo, Wong and aLso CuuZa. miss you so much! Bukan sombong eh! any URGENT matters, u know how to contact me aight?

Just wanna share with you here --- Onlah Twitter! Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-timeIt's simple, easier and also menarik especially to those yang selalu on the Road. Yang "tak selalu" pun tak apa, boleh buat2 bz --- LoL! You just need to visit, register your account and oLa! --- rajin2lah mengupdate status. 

So, frens --- this is ONE of the way to update your friends about anything. Dah activated, you may follow me: Rena Cruzee.

Chiow n adios!

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DayBab said...

i miss you toooooo...!!!